Apr 20, 2012

How To Have Fun With Mono and Strep


I have been feeling under the weather for a couple weeks now off and on.

One day I would feel HORRIBLE, and the next I would feel pretty good. 

So, I ignored it.

Chalked it up to sinus stuff.

But on Monday, I woke up and knew I needed to get to a doctor fast.

My throat felt like I had swollowed a bag of nails and that little thingy that is at the back of your throat (not your tonsils...I'm not that ignorant.  Okay, whatever...), was so swollen that I could feel it pressing down on the back of my tongue.

Sooo, off to the ER I went.

(My family doctor is in the middle of switching practices and neither the new or old practice had available appointments.)

And after some swabbing and sticking and waiting, I found out that I had strep and mono.

{I like extra credit}

No wonder I had been so tired.

Anyhow, I have been stuck in the house now for several days, sleeping a lot.  But also having some extra time on my hands.

And since I can't do housework or anything, (Doctors orders as far as my husband knows...), then I have had to come up with other, creative, ways to entertain myself.

Here are a few, just in case you, too, need some ideas.

-Watch as much reality TV as possible!  I do this pretty much all the time anyway, but at least now I have a good excuse.

-Stalk people on Facebook and find out what the girls who made fun of you in high school look like.  If they're pretty, tell yourself that they had work done, and then tell lots of other people the same thing.  If they haven't aged well, reach out to them and make sure they see your best photo, and tell them how great your life is now.

-Go on lots of blogs and leave crazy comments that have nothing to do with the post.  But make sure to leave the comment using another person's name. 

-Try some of the homemade scrubs and peels that are circulating around Pinterest.  If it doesn't turn out well and leaves your skin blotchy, you can say that it's a new side effect from Mono.

-Catch up on celebrity gossip and other current events.  This week I have learned that Brangelina is engaged, Rhianna and Chris Brown might be back together, and that Britney Spears will probably be a new judge on The X-Factor.  Oh, and Hostess may be going out of business, which means no more Twinkies...or Ding Dongs (Gasp!)!  All groundbreaking news stories!

-Order expensive Take-out.  Explain to your husband that chocolate souffle is about the only thing that doesn't hurt your throat when you eat.  You would be happy to have a sandwich, but it just hurts too bad.

-Shop Online.  This is a great time to order that perfect Mother's Day gift for yourself!  Explain that since you're sick, this is the one thing you can do to help the family right now.

-Send frequent text messages to your loved ones letting them know how much you appreciate them in this time of sickness, and reminding them that you like flowers, candy and gift cards.

-Plan out your vacations...for the next five years.

-Do some research!  For example, it would be wise to read ALL of the Hunger Games books, (even if you already have), so that you know exactly what's in them for when your kids want to read them.  Same goes for Twilight and Nicholas Sparks' novels.

-Start playing all those silly games like Words with Friends and Draw Something.  And then bombard all your friends with requests to "play you"...they totally love that!

-Blog.  Hey, if this is what it takes to get some blog work done, then mono and strep it is!

Hope that these suggestions help you in your time of illness, too!

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