Apr 2, 2012

Purchase Deception: Keeping Your Husband In The Dark About Your New Stuff

Now, before I start this post, I just want to make it clear that I am not condoning lying to your spouse.  I think it's a horrible thing to do, and I, myself, would never think of lying to my husband about a purchase I made.


But, if, say, I did decide to purchase some things and I didn't want him to find out about it, these would maybe be some of the tricks I would use so that he wouldn't find out.

1.  Hide The Stuff In Your Trunk Until He's Gone:  This is the original form of purchase deception and while it's a good method, it's risky.  You never know when your husband will decide that he needs to get in there for some kind of gizmo you didn't even know was in your trunk. 

2.  Carry It In With The Groceries:  Men don't usually take any interest in the groceries, so this is a pretty safe method. If you think there's a shot that he may want to help with carrying in or putting away the groceries, make sure to put a box of tampons or pads over the items you are trying to hide and this will guarantee that he won't be removing anything from that bag.

3.  Have Your Friend Wrap The Item And Give It To You As A "Gift": Women must stick together.  We all know how this game works and we need to support one another!

4.  Use The Dry Cleaning Excuse:  Keep a dry cleaning bag in the car and then when you get something new, put it in the bags and carry it in.  If your husband should happen to question it, ask him if he would like to pick up the dry cleaning next time.  That will shut him down quickly.

5.  Put It In The Kids Backpacks:  Be careful with this one too.  Kids have big mouths and if they start asking questions, you may have to abort your plan and go another route.

6.  Have It Delivered:  Husbands are usually not home during the day when the UPS delivers, so this is a pretty safe bet.  But make sure it doesn't come on a weekend!!!  Pay extra for next day delivery if you have to!

7.  Wear The Item/Items Home:  If he asks about the items, act as if you are annoyed that he didn't pay attention to what you were wearing in the morning.  Men don't want to be in the dog house, so they usually don't push the issue.

8.  Tell Him It Was Free: You'll have to pay cash and destroy the receipt, but then you can tell him that you had a rewards coupon and that the item was free.  He'll be proud that he has such a savings savvy wife!

9.  Save It For a Holiday:  If you know you'll get in big trouble for a purchase you have made, you may want to save it for an Anniversary, Valentines Day or Your Birthday.  Men know that these holidays are sacred, so they won't argue with you on those days.  And if you play it like you just saved them a shopping trip to buy you something, they will probably even thank you.

10.  Tell him He Bought it For You:  This will really throw him off.  If you tell him he bought you the item a couple years ago, he will be so flustered trying to backpedal, that he'll magically "remember" and change the subject.

I cannot stress enough how careful you must be if you choose to use any of these methods.  If you blow it, you could ruin this for the rest of the women, (but again, not me, because I never do this!). 

Good Luck and may the Fashion Force be with you!

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