Feb 8, 2012

Our Crazy Words

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The other day Faith was talking to me about one of her friend's great grandmas who had died.

She explained to me that "her friend's great grandma died.  But her other grandma, who's not that great, was still alive."

I was cracking up.  Of course she thought that when the little girl said her "great grandma", she was referring to how awesome she was!

I explained to Faith that it was actually a term we use to explain the grandparents of mommy's and daddy's etc., and not for how wonderful they are. :)

But it got me to thinking about how strange our language must seem to her sometimes. 

How words that mean one thing can also mean something completely different. 

And also how many "new" words she hears all the time.  Like the other day when she asked us what "revenge" meant.

We explained it to her, but then asked her why she wanted to know.

She said a boy in her class had used the word, and that she had never heard it before.

It just reminds me that sometimes I have to stop and put myself into her five-year-old world and remember how much she is learning and hearing and growing.  I bet it's pretty overwhelming at times.

It's my job to help her navigate all of that, and to be patient with her while she does it. 

Let's hope I do my job well...or this could be one confused kid!

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