Feb 28, 2012

Top Ten Brands That Rock!

Yesterday I mentioned that we had some AMAZING Sponsors at Blissdom.  Today, I want to share some of them with you!  Happy Top Ten Tuesday!!

10.  Chobani Champions!  I spoke about these in last week's TILT post, but they also happened to be a sponsor this week.  If you haven't gotten them for your kids yet, you're missing out!

9.  V8!  I got to try some of the V8 Fusion smoothies and also the new V8 Fusion Energy Drinks.  They were delicious and the Energy drinks only have 50 calories!

8.  GoGo Squeez!  Have you seen these super cute pouches of applesauce that kids can eat on the go?  They are perfect for lunch boxes, to store in your purse for emergency snacks and for home.  They have a variety of flavors, are 100% fruit, are gluten, dairy and nut-free, and have no preservatives, artificial flavors or refined sugar!

7.  OWN!  Wondering what happened to Oprah?  She's on her OWN channel.  We got a special preview of one of the new episodes of Oprah's Next Chapter and it was really good.  It's fun to see a different, and more casual side of Oprah outside the studio.

6.  De Wafflebakkers!  I got a chance to try some of the product and they were yummy!  My favorite is the blueberry and they use real Wild Maine Blueberries.  If you see these at the store, be sure to give them a try for a lighter and yummier pancake and waffle.

5.  Lisa Leonard Designs!  I was soooo excited to get to buy one of Lisa Leonared's necklaces while I was at Blissdom!!  They are gorgeous and unique.  Make sure you head over to her site and have a look around.  Her items are perfect for Mother's Day, Birthday's and any other gift giving occasion.

4.  Hallmark!  Everyone needs to hear something from you.  Happy Birthday?  I'm Sorry?  Glad You're My Friend?  No matter what you need to say, Hallmark can help. 

3.  Hershey's!  Ummm, it's chocolate.  The creamiest, yummiest, and most perfect chocolate.  Everyone loves Hershey's and be sure to stay tuned because I will be doing a Hershey's Easter Basket Giveaway soon!

2.  Famous Footwear!  I LOOOOVE shoes, so it's no surprise that this sponsor was one of my favorites.  Plus, they gave each of us a free pair of super cute shoes, so they pretty much have a special place in my heart now.

1.  ConAgra Foods!  ConAgra are the foods you love, like Hunts, Healthy Choice, Chef Boyardee, Swiss Miss and More.  Plus, they are helping to stop Child Hunger with the Child Hunger Ends Here Campaign.  You can't NOT love a company that wants to help children in need!!  Be sure to check it out and see how you can help!

PLEASE check out these great sponsors and give them your support! 

I am linking up with OH Amanda and Many Little Blesings  for Top Ten Tuesday.  Be sure to check them out as well!

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  1. I am not a huge Oprah fan, but I love the Next Chapter. She gets great access. I also going to check out the GoGo Squeeze. Thanks for sharing

  2. #2, 4, 5, & 7 are my faves! :) Love it.

  3. Replies
    1. You're welcome! And BTW, my kids were SUPER grateful for all the GoGo Squeez I brought home :)

  4. I think I'm going to have to go to Blissdom next year. I really wanted to go this year, but decided not to. I went in 2010, so I'm figuring 2013 will be about time to just have to go again. ;)

    1. Angie: I hope you get to go!! This was my first year, but I heard lots of people say this was the best Blissdom yet! I'm sure next year will be even better!


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