Feb 21, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: What I WON'T Miss While I'm Gone

I am leaving for my Blissdom trip tomorrow evening.

Which means my husband will be holding down the fort while I'm gone.

{If my children show up for school without combed hair and mismatched shoes, someone please step in and help...}

There are a gazillion things I will miss while I'm gone.  Like snuggling with my 2 little girls, tuking them in at night, kisses and hugs, a backrub from my husband, sitting on the couch in my favorite snuggie...all things I will miss.

BUT, ther are several things I WON'T be missing while I'm gone.  I'm listing those here for your reading pleasure :)

10.  My children's constant requests for snacks.  Seriously.  How many snacks does a kid need during the day?!

9.  Making 3 trips to the grocery store in a single day.  Somehow, I alway forget something!

8.  Last Minute Laundry.  Realizing at 10pm that your kid needs the uniform in the dirty laundry at 8am the next morning happens way too often around here.

7.  Being asked to change the Wii Game Every 5 Minutes!  My kids have a pretty short attention span, so after about 5 minutes of one game, they decide they need a new one.  And since we implimented the "mommy or daddy are the only ones to put in/take out the games" rule (too many scratched games...), that means I *have* to do it.

6.  Doing Dishes.  Enough said.

5.  Dressing Drama!  Convincing my five-year-old that 20 degrees is not warm enough to wear a sundress is no easy task.  And have I mentioned that my eight-year-old ONLY wants to wear skinny jeans and her worn out, falling apart boots?  Yeah, it's fun times around here when we're getting ready.

4.  Bathtime.  For some reason, my kids never want to shower.  I assure you that this is not from example.  My husband and I do shower.  Every.  single.  day.

3.  Trying to Figure Out Dinner.  It is a constant, nagging, question.  And it's also one of the single most frustrating things this momma has to deal with because my kids never want to eat what I make.  Never.

2.  Homework.  No, I don't have homework.  My kids do.  But after an hour of sitting at the table trying to explain it and help her, it feels like my homework.

1.  Noise.  There are VERY FEW times that my house is quiet.  TV is on, the wii is going, the kids are fighting, the dishwasher is running, and the phone is ringing.  I will NOT miss the noise.

There you have it!  So tell me, if you're going to Blissdom, what will you not miss?

I will be linking up with Oh Amanda for Top Ten Tuesday.  Be sure to check it out!

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  1. Love your list! I remember those days so well. I have no little children any longer so I don't have your issues. I have 3 dogs who demand my attention. It's let the dogs out; let the dogs in. Let the dogs out; let the dogs in. Feed the dogs. Let the dogs...you get the idea. It's always something!

  2. I could probably just copy your whole list! I am excited that my husband will have to do the homework routine for one day. Not that he wouldn't help other nights, but we do it right after school, so he is not home when we do it. I want him to have insight into the tedium.

    I will not miss my sweet kids watching my every move to make sure I don't eat something they might want to share. ;)

  3. Love this list...so very true! Made me crack up! And I agree with Nicole's comment above. (I just locked myself in the bathroom so I could enjoy a WHOLE sleeve of thin mint girl scout cookies all by MYSELF without having to share.)


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