Feb 3, 2012

Some Stuff for Friday

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Hello dear friends!  It has been a long week, and today I just thought I would post some randomness that is swimming around in my head.

Because I KNOW you're just dying to know :)

Here goes:

I am going to a blogging conference at the end of the month (Blissdom!), and am super excited.  But the problem is that while I wasn't nervous at all to begin with, after reading all the FB and blog posts about other girls being nervous, I am now really nervous.

Especially about what to wear.

Because apparently what you wear to Blissdom is a big deal.

So, I guess I should figure that out...

Also, I have been tired lately.  Like pregnancy tired.  And no, I am NOT pregnant.  (And yes, I am sure!).  I think it's stress.  Or maybe weather.  But whatever it is I wish it would stop because I have stuff to get done.  And feeling like I could go to bed for the rest of the night at 2 in the afternoon is not helping me to get all my stuff done.

 Oh, and we filed our taxes.  We always do it early because we get money back.  And we want it back ASAP!  So I'm excited for that, even though it's all allocated and I don't get to spend any of it :(  But at least I'll feel richer knowing it's in the bank...

Another thing...I am having the strangest dreams lately.  Maybe that has something to do with the tired issue I mentioned above.  But they are seriously crazy.  And it kinda freaks me out a little.  They seem so real, and yet so out there at the same time.  And sometimes it feels like I can't wake up.  Do you ever have those?  It's like you tell yourself your dreaming, and try to open your eyes, but you can't so you wonder if maybe it's NOT a dream?  Weird.  Just weird.

And finally, what is up with this Ohio winter?  I don't remember it EVER being 60 degrees in January or February.  {Maybe global warming is real after all...}  But the sunshine and warm weather make me happy, so I am not complaining.  But I WILL be complaining if we end up having to pay for this nice weather with a horribly cold and nasty March and April.  You have been warned.

So these are my random thoughts for the day.  Your welcome :)


  1. May I make a suggestion? I know this sounds simple, but I dealt with being tired A LOT and then I found out that I was slightly dehydrated. Since I've been drinking water consistently, the tired is pretty much gone. And yes, I've had those dreams before where I was willing myself to wake up and I just could.not.do.it!!! Hate those! Bad dreams can make your heart race in your sleep which might make you feel like you've run a marathon or something. Anyway, just some thoughts. Just random advice from a stranger. :) Hope you don't mind.

    1. Thanks for the advice! I will try drinking more water and see if that helps. I'm not very good at staying hydrated anyway, so I could use the extra water!


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