Mar 25, 2011

15 Places Kids Should See...

15 Places Kids Should See Before They Turn 15

My friend posted this story from on her facebook and I knew it would be perfect for my blog! I loved the article and I definitely want to check out most of these places with our girls before they turn 15. I encourage you to read the article and let me know your thoughts.
Is there a place NOT on the list that you want your kids to visit?
Have you been to any of these places with your kids, and if so, what was your experience?
What's your #1 pick for a wish vacation with the fam?


  1. Out of that list...Grand Canyon, Redwoods, Yellowstone, Disney, DC. My dream family vacation is to rent an RV and do a month trip out west. Just drive and stop! AMAZING. We have been to Ellis Island and NYC - Awesome. You might think kids won't like it but we loved it! We have done Philadelphia and it was very cool too! San Diego is one of my most favorite places and I would love to take the kids there someday too!

  2. Wow, Amy, you have been to a lot of places! I also want to rent an RV and take our kids out west. I have even mapped out the trip and how long it would take (3 weeks at least!). I am thinking that when our girls are between 10 and 13 would be a good time for that.

    And, of course, I love Disney and can't wait to get back there. But this was a great many places to visit, so little time (and money :)

  3. I would say we could take the trip out west together, but you know how I am about traveling with people...


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