Mar 27, 2011

Board Games Keep the Boredom Away

I think that I mentioned before that our family likes board games. I have loved them since I was young and can remember evenings at our house growing up playing Yahtzee and Monopoly among others.

I couldn't wait until our oldest, Addy, was 3 so that I could get her Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, and Hi Ho Cherry-O. Right away, she was hooked also.

One of the things I like about board games is that it brings the family together and focused on one important thing...WINNING! We are kind of a competitive family. Especially when it comes to games.

So what if I hold a grudge?!

So what if my 7-year-old likes to yell "Take That!" as loud as she can when she beats her 4-year-old sister?

So what if I won't allow certain games to be played anymore because I never win them?

The point is, even though it's competitive, and even though we may get a *little* over-sensitive about certain things, we are having FUN.

Today we pulled out the Disney Kid's Edition Rummikub and SORRY!. What I like about Rummikub is that it is easy for Faith (who is 4) to play, and she doesn't really need a lot of help. It also holds their attention for the whole game. Plus, the Disney characters make it extra fun for them to match up.

SORRY! is definitely a family favorite also. The thing I love about it is that while it is easy enough for the kids to play, it keeps Jeremy and I interested too. In fact, we have been known to pull it out after the kids have gone to bed to play by ourselves.

Don't be jealous.

I know our life sounds fabulously exciting!

If you haven't already started playing board games with your kids, or maybe have put them away and kind of forgotten about them, go ahead and pull them out. Your kids will love playing against mom and dad, and you will enjoy spending time with them in a fun and relaxing way.

Okay, maybe not so relaxing if you play like we do...but you get the point :)

And if your family likes board games too, share with us some of your favorites!

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  1. We LOVE board games here too! I play some every day with my five year old while my younger son naps. We love the different kid editions of Yahtzee!! He has the Toy Story one, but I know there is a Disney Princess one too. If you don't have that one, I would pick it up for sure!


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