Mar 26, 2011

Morning at The Movies

This morning we woke up early, (for a Saturday), and headed out to catch a movie at The Danbarry Dollar Saver. The company my husband works for had a free day at the movies which included admission, popcorn and a drink for each family member.

For our girls, going to the movie theater to see a movie is an extra special treat. Partially because spending $50 for our family to see a single movie is NOT my idea of fun. Also because, in the past when our girls were younger, the TEN trips to the bathroom during a movie, (usually just to check out the facilities), were kind of a hassle.
Moms everywhere know what I mean.
So, usually we try to wait for movies to come out on DVD. I must say, however, today was a lot of fun. First of all, Danbarry is a great bargain for families. The normal cost is $3 per person, (and on Tuesdays, it's only $1.75). But today it was FREE, and you can't catch a better deal than that! Plus, our girls are a little older now, and don't care as much what the bathrooms looks like. :)

The movie we saw today was Yogi Bear. This movie was great for kids because it had lots of silly humor and a cute ending. There were definitely a lot of laughs throughout. And of course, getting yummy treats like popcorn and candy can only add to a fun experience!
If you have been avoiding the movies becuase of the higher prices, I encourage you to check out Danbarry and give them a try. And I hope your family has as much fun as mine did today :)

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