Mar 15, 2011

Rainy Day Fun

This has been a long and cold/snowy/rainy winter, and I am beyond ready for spring. I long to be able to wear short sleeves and shorts. I need to be able to keep my windows open and let the fresh air in. I am craving the sunshine and the energy it gives me.

Today is chilly and rainy. No short sleeves, no open windows, no sunshine, and very little energy. (Big Sigh)

But part of being a parent is finding a way to entertain the troops even when you're stuck inside. Some of our favorite 'rainy day' activities include playing board gamed (SORRY! is one of our family favorites!), snuggling up with a good movie, (Tinker Bell is playing now), and a snack, baking a yummy treat for daddy when he gets home, playing dress-up, and coloring/writing stories (We have been known to act out a few of those stories as well. American Girl dolls make a fabulous audience!).

I have also been known to venture out into the cold/rain to find a little fun. Chick-fil-a play areas, Chuck E. Cheese, or Bounce U are great places to go when the cabin fever sets in and your kids MUST get out!

What are some of your favorite rainy day activities? What keeps your kids entertained indoors when all they want to do is be outdoors? With the way this season has been going, I am *sure* we could all use some fresh ideas!

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