Mar 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day- Family Style

Happy St. Patrick's Day...and it is a happy day for me! The sun is shining and the temperature outside has warmed up considerably. I took advantage of the warm weather by heading out to the park with my youngest daughter, Faith, and we had lunch there with some friends.

I love going to the park when the weather allows it. The kids get to run and get out all that (endless amount of) energy they have. They can meet new friends, (we met some today!), and also work on developing those social skills that occasionally get lost when they are cooped up with only their parents and siblings for too long. (Note to self: when your child picks her nose and tries to rub it on her friends's time to have a special talk about manners.)
I also love it that our community has SO many great parks to choose from! It keeps things fresh and the kids don't get bored from playing on the same equipment all the time. And, the best part of all, it's always FREE! It doesn't get better than that :)
Some other ways that we enjoy St. Patrick's Day as a family:
-Somehow, each year during the night before St. Patrick's Day, a leprechaun shows up and makes a mess of our house! When the girl's get up and realize he has come, they love it! Somehow, he never gets caught :)
-We ALL wear green! It is fun and silly to all be dressed alike.
-We make sure there are LOTS of green treats throughout the day. Green eggs, Green Jello, Green Kool-Aid...really you can make just about anything green with a little food coloring :)
Hope you enjoy your St. Patrick's Day, and that you get to enjoy the "Green" of the outdoors today!
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