Mar 13, 2011

Let the Fun Begin...

I am SO EXCITED to enter the world of blogging! Well, to be honest, I have actually tried blogging once before...
(It was about dieting)
(It lasted about 3 weeks)
(Let's not talk about it anymore)
But I am REALLY excited to start this blog! If you know me, you know that I love finding fun things for my family and friends to do. I am all about creating memories, and I truly feel like this is one of the best gifts I will ever give my (two) beautiful little girls.
And that is what this blog is about for me; sharing the experiences my family has, and helping others to experience that same kind of fun!
So I hope you'll join me in my journey of blogging about all that life has to offer, and that it brings you a little fun of your own.

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