Mar 19, 2011

Sometimes, It's The Simple Things

Yesterday we headed over to Books and Co. at Town and Country Shopping Center to check out their free Saturday Story Time. This week's theme was Barbie stories, and since my girls own just about every Barbie movie ever made, plus a gazillion Barbie dolls, I was pretty sure they would enjoy this activity.

We got there a little early, so we had some time to check out the kids section of the store, and I have to say, I was pretty impressed. They have lots of little nooks and benches for kid's to browse through their favorite stories, and of course, my girls found a few.

They also had a train table available to play on, which is great for the little ones who may not read yet or be interested in looking at the books, (or older one's who have an attention span of about zero :)

After a few Barbie stories, the reader handed out Barbie coloring sheets for the kids to color while she finished the rest of the stories, which was a great way to keep the their attention focused.

After the Story time, we strolled on over to W.G. Grinder's which is attached to the Baskin Robbins at Town and Country. It was awesome because kids eat free everyday with an adult meal purchase, so were all able to get lunch for a great price! Plus, I had a buy 1 cone, get 1 free coupon for the ice cream, so the girls were THRILLED to be able to get ice cream, too!

As we were leaving to head home, my girls thanked me for such a fun Saturday afternoon. Often times I feel like I have to "WOW" them with doing big adventures, and spending lots of money, and sometimes, that's fine. But today, they were just as happy to have this pretty simple and very inexpensive afternoon with mom and dad. And that makes me happy!

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  1. awww, i just love that last picture. your girls are so cute. :) nice blog! i'll be checking back regularly! this is kylee lee by the way... i'll send you the invitation to my blog in a minute. :)


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