Mar 22, 2011

Spring Broke

Everywhere I turn, people are talking about the fun places they are going for Spring Break. Hilton Head, Jamaica, New Orleans, DISNEY...the list goes on. I am happy for all my friends and family that get to go on all of these fun vacations.


I am.

The only problem is, I wish I were going with them. Well, that, and the fact that we have no money for vacation this year.

So we will be spending our Spring Break at home. Some like to call it a Staycation.

I won't lie...that word kind of annoys me.

All moms knows that staying home in NOT a vacation (of Any kind!).

But I am trying to get in the spirit of things. I am already searching out fun and different things to do that week so that my girls will feel like they really did have a Super fun break! Some of the things on our list are the Cincinnati Museum Center (Children's Museum), Magic Castle, and CoCo Key Water Resort.

Are you traveling to a fun place for Spring Break or will you be at home also?

What are you doing to making your Spring Break fun?

Share your ideas...we WANT to know! :)

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