Jul 8, 2011

Having Fun With Water

Nothing says summer more than water play!  Whether it be the pool or a sprinkler, all kids love getting wet, and the fun part is, there are SO many ways to do it!  Here are a few ways to enjoy some water time with your little ones:

-Go to a local pool
-Pull out the hose
-Visit a Water Park
-Get some squirt guns and get to blasting each other!
-Put out that water table that has been sitting in your shed since last year
-Sprinklers:  They aren't just for the grass!
-Buy a Slip-N-Slide (or make one!)
-Let the kids squirt each other with spray bottles filled with water
-Find a nearby sprayground
-Fill up the baby pool and let them splash around or play with old dolls and cars/boats
-Put water in buckets and let them "wash the car"
-Fill up some plastic cups with water and let them have a water fight
-Have the kids help with watering the flowers/garden
-Take a trip to the nearest beach or lake
-Go Canoeing (or rafting with older kids)
-Have them take swim lessons
-Go fossil/rock hunting by a local stream
-Have a water balloon fight
-Skipping rocks in a pond or river
-Get out the poles and go fishing

So tell me, what other water activities do your kids love??  What are some ideas you've wanted to try?  Share with us your water fun experiences!


  1. A friend of mine put a baby pool at the bottom of her daughters backyard slide, hose pouring water down the slide to make her own water slide! Kids loved it!!

    1. Tanya, my kids decided on Saturday, to put the sprinkler by the slide and make a homemade water slide, too! Great idea!! Thanks for stopping by!


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