Jul 26, 2011

Things to Do Before The End of Summer

As I was saying the other day, summer is coming to a close.  Some of that makes me happy, and some, not so happy.

So I have begun to think about all the stuff I want to do before it's gone.

Here's My list:

-Spend a few more long days at the pool, (we haven't done that nearly enough this year!)
-Get to Boomerang Bay Waterpark (we haven't done that at all!)
-Go to a drive-in movie with our girls.
-Take some evening walks in the neighborhood.
-Get Addy a new bike and teach her to ride without training wheels
-Visit a farmers market and get fresh corn and fruit
-Use our grill more!
-Do a Friday night at The Greene and let the kids enjoy the spray ground while we listen to music
-Let the girls catch lightning bugs
-Go camping, (those who know me are SHOCKED by this!)
-Do a surprise PJ ice cream run
-Spend one more late night at Kings Island and let the girls see the fireworks.
-Go to The Cincinnati Zoo
-Go to Caesars Creek or Cowan Lake (two near-by beaches).
-Have a water fight in our backyard
-Go to Cosi
-Catch a Dayton Dragons Game
-Have one last summer picnic in the park

I know.  My list is ambitious.  Especially since my summer sort-of ends this Sunday. 

But I'm motivated to do at least *most* of these things before school starts!

So tell me, what's on your to-do list before summer is up?  Everyone has one...share yours! (PLEEEEASE!)

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  1. As a mom who has spent a lot of time in the kitchen this summer preserving food, thanks for the timely reminder that there are still 5 weeks left in summer. I also got my dh to finally agree to take a week off so I better get planning!

  2. You can camp with us if you want :)


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