Jul 22, 2011

Social Media For Kids: What Age Is Right?

I spend a lot of time on Facebook.  And Twitter.  And my blog.  And now Pintrest.  (A post coming on that soon!).

The truth is, I probably spend way too much time on these sites.  But they're fun, (and I rationalize it by saying it's helping with the blog stuff, so whatev...), and all my friends are on them.  Plus, I NEED to know what that girl I met once in high school had for lunch yesterday.  My social life depends on it.

But now that my girls are starting to actually pay attention to what I'm doing, and my oldest can read, (which I have discovered is not always a good thing), they are beginning to ask questions about Facebook and Twitter etc.

{Side note:  My youngest daughter's name is Faith and for the longest time, she thought we were saying Faithbook.  We didn't realize that until one day she finally asked, "why are you always writing on my book?".  When we got what she was referring too, we laughed for a really long time.  Too cute!}

I answer their questions, but honestly, I get a little worried about their interest in it.  Because I know the day is coming too soon that my oldest is going to ask if she can get on facebook.  And what will I say?

Because I know that the other kids are all going to be on it.

And she will be the only one who isn't.

And I will ruin her social life.


I'm kidding, (kind of), but it is true that kids younger and younger are cruising social media sites and I am just not sure what an appropriate age is.  I know for us it's not now, or next year, an hopefully not the year after that.  But what IS right?

And how do you teach your kids about being responsible on the Internet?  Not just staying away from sites that they know are wrong, but about protecting themselves from information that is not appropriate for them on sites they are on?  Because I KNOW I see lots of stuff that is inappropriate for ME, much less teens and tweens.

It's all overwhelming to me.  I know it's a while yet, but these are the things I worry about.  As a momma who loves her girls.  And a momma who wants to protect them from all the junk that is out there.  And I DON'T think I'm being overprotective.  I think I'm being smart.  And trying to plan for what is to come.

So what are your opinions?  What age do you think is a good age?  Will you let your kids get Facebook and Twitter Accounts?  How do you help them navigate all the info. they are seeing? 

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