Jul 25, 2011

Too Hot and Too Lazy (Kinda...)

This week there will be no Mix It Up Monday.


Many Reasons.

First, it has been HOT here.  And honestly, no one wants to see me in grubby shorts and tanks with a shiny face.

It's Not pretty, (Trust me!).

And, the few times I *have* put something together this past week, I was in too much of a rush, (and too hot honestly), to take a picture.

Because besides it being HOT here, I have been super busy.

With what you ask?

Oh, let me tell you!


I'm still pretty excited about it.  I have been working hard at getting posts ready and getting some guest posters lined up and I think it's gonna be OFF THE HOOK.

{What, the kids don't say that anymore?  It's not cool?  I'm like, 3 years too late?  Oh well, I tried...}

But seriously, I am VERY EXCITED for Back to School.

And nooooooo, it's *not* just cause I don't have to entertain my kids All.  Day.  Long.

But it's the fact that we get to pick out back to school clothes, and supplies, and meet new teachers, and the girls will be thrilled to be meeting new friends, and having play dates, and the weather will change, and I will get to wear sweaters again, and there will be football games, and cheerleading, and smores, and fall festivals, and corn mazes, and we will be making chili again, and the leaves will begin to change into glorious fall colors, and all the other goodness that comes once we are back into school!

BUT then again, we won't be able to swim anymore, and the bright and cheery colors of summer will go away, and no more cookouts, and playing in the park becomes more difficult, and the small tan I have accumulated will fade, and when we go out to eat, we won't be able to sit on the patio, and the girls will watch more TV, and the sunshine won't last as long, and I'' start to hear, "I'm bored" too often, and meeting up with friends will become more difficult, and my daughter's cheer schedule, (I'm her coach), will take up most of our weekends, and everything starts to be scheduled, and we lose our free time.

This is the kind of woman my husband lives with everyday people...

I know, you are starting to feel sorry for him.

But don't you see how this can all be true?!  I am excited for Fall, but already missing the oh-so-short summer.  I want my cake and I want to eat it too!!!!!  (Starting the 2-year-old tantrum!)

ANYHOW, getting back on track, I am busy because I am getting ready for the series, and also getting ready for the real life stuff that comes with back-to-school in my family. 

Like Cheer camp Monday thru Thursday for the first 2 weeks of August, (See why I'm pre-writing them?), and all the same stuff you are all preparing for.

So tell me, what do you wish you had more time for as the summer comes to a close??

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  1. We still want to go camping, but not until this heat wave is over. We usually go to the zoo many times, but have not been once this year. The heat needs to go away so we can have some fun! :)


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