May 17, 2011

EnterTRAINment Junction Review

This past weekend, an awesome family that we are lucky enough to be friends with invited us to Entertrainment Junction, which is a Huge Model Train Display and Family Entertainment Center, in West Chester, Ohio.
Our Awesome Friends...The James'

They have Season Passes, and this month, they could bring a friend for FREE.  And since we are so happenin' and fun, they invited us! 

We were excited to go, but I was kind of wondering how much fun my girls would have since, well, they are girls. 

Girls who aren't really into trains.

But no need to worry.  My girls thought it was WAY COOL!

The first thing you see when you come in is this really cool old train station looking area.  It is actually a snack bar/eating area, and a gift shop, but it looks so neat..very nostalgic! 

After you pay, (which is normally $12.95 for adults and $9.95 for kids 3-12.  3 and under are free),  you go into the Train Journey, which is the World's Largest Indoor Train Display!  I was extremely impressed, as were the girls. This exhibit runs throughout the entire building, so it is expansive, and the amount of detail is extraordinary...truly something you should see in person!

There is also an area called Imagination Junction, which is a Children's Interactive Play area.  Think McDonald's Play land with a train theme.  They had a tunnel/slide thing, a small train ride, (that is $1 per ride), and a few other play things. 

The kids loved this area because they could run and get a bunch of energy out.  There were also benches for parents, so it was a nice break for us too! 

Another nice feature is that there was a separate place for Toddlers or younger kids within the play area, so that they didn't get trampled on, and that has toys etc. geared more for their age group.  There were also nice bathrooms located here so that parents don't have to go far, which definitely came in handy. 

***One note I would make is to make sure you bring socks, (if your kids aren't already wearing them!), if you plan to play in Imagination Junction.  They are required.

There was also the American Railroading Museum located within the exhibit, which I honestly didn't get to see much of.  My girls aren't really patient enough to stop and let me read about things of actual importance, (but if it were a Barbie or Princess museum, they would have been all over that business!).

The kids also enjoyed some outside rides that they had available.  The rides package is an additional $3 per person and it includes unlimited rides during posted times.

An interesting and new addition to Entertrainment Junction this year, is the Fun House!  This is a carnival like experience that includes a Mirror Maze, Clown College, (which had a tilt room and Ames room), Outer Limits, (which has the Claustrophobic Hall, The Vortex Tunnel, and a Black Light Room), and Curtain Chaos.  This is an additional $9.95 per person for this experience, but totally worth it! 

The Fun House was a hit for sure with our crew!  Even the grownups got in on the fun.

I would say that no matter if you have boys or girls, this place should for sure be on your to-do list!  I know it sounds pricey after you add on all the stuff, (although the Season Pass is only $175 for a family of 4, which is a great deal for how much we would go!), but it really is so much fun!

Our girls got to experience something they didn't even know they were interested in, and we got to watch them having a blast with their friends.

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  1. I have been wondering about this place--thanks for the review! :)


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