May 10, 2011

A Family Full of Book Worms

I love to read.  A lot.

And I'm not super picky about what I read. 

Mysteries, Love Stories, Classics, US Magazine...I'll read anything.

And my love for reading has not gone unnoticed in my house.  My girls often comment on it, and when Christmas or any other gift giving occasion rolls around, I am sure to get a book mark or some other thing that reminds me that they are paying attention to my hobby.

And guess what?

They love reading too!

I didn't "push" it on them either.  I didn't talk about the importance, (although I think it's VERY important), and I didn't require nightly story time, (even though we pretty much do it every day anyway).  The only things I did do were, (1) have books available to them, and (2) let them see me reading on my own. 

I think most kids are kind of born with the love of stories.  They like listening to imaginary tales, and escaping into a world that is different than ours.  They enjoy hearing about animals that talk, and vegetables that sing, and princes and princesses who live happily ever after.  It feeds their creativity and drives their curiosity.  And it makes them happy.

We have spent many hours at our local library, (it is AWESOME, and they have a HUGE children's area!), and also at book stores.  Some times it's a quick trip, but what I really like to do is give them plenty of time to just roam the aisles and discover books they haven't heard of before.  A lot of times we sit down right there and read the stories because they just can't wait to get it home. 

Some of our favorites have included "Goodnight Moon", (which will always hold fond memories for me), "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom", "Pinkalicious", Arthur stories, Barbie books, Disney classic stories, and "No More Monkey's Jumping on the Bed".

I really hope that my girls continue with their love of books as they get older, and that it becomes a passion for them.  It has been such a wonderful part of my life, and I hope that is true for them as well.

What are some of your children's favorite books? 

What do you do to foster a love of reading for your kids?

Please share with the rest of us! :)


  1. Heard a great statistic recently, but I can't remember it word-for-word. Something like if I child grows up in a home that has 500 books or more they are ? times more likely to do excellent in academics. Interesting & cool.

    I am the same as you--always reading, always a book in my hand or my purse. One of my sons is like me, one not as much, but still a reader.

  2. Just found you and been checking out your blog. Great posts. Looks like loads of fun included. :) Happy Bloggin' :)

  3. Thanks Gena, and welcome to Family Fun Mom!


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