May 15, 2011

Getting Glasses

Last week my oldest daughter,  Addy, had an eye doctor appointment and they told us she was near sighted and needed glasses.

Right there in the doctor's office, I started to panic a little.

I had flashbacks of my younger self being told I needed glasses, and the torment that soon followed.

Lots of kids asking questions, poking fun, and making me feel "different".  I didn't want that for Addy. 

But I also didn't want her to not be able to see clearly.

I knew I didn't really have a choice in the matter.  We would be getting her glasses.

And wouldn't you know it, Addy was THRILLED!

She was SOOO excited to pick out her new glasses, (I told her she could have any pair she wanted), and she was even more excited to show them to her friends.  She had no fear, no reservations, and no worry about what anyone else would think.

It's funny how, as a parent, we can sometimes worry too much for our kids, and start to throw our own junk in there when it really is just fine.

I'm glad Addy could teach me that.

And here is our little star with her Super Cute new pair of glasses that she LOVES to show off!

And here is the case she picked out to keep them in:

Ahhhh, it just melts my heart that she loves all things sparkly and fabulous just like her momma :)

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