May 4, 2011

Once A Month Mom Guest Post

Okay let's start with a quick survey, which of the following sounds least appealing to you: 1) cleaning the greasy grime out of the drain in the kitchen sink, 2) visiting the dentist, or 3) preparing a meal for your children?

Lunch lined up and ready to go on the table!

My answer? Number 3 hands down! There is nothing as daunting to me as facing down my children and trying to come up with something that they *might* consume. And let's face it, that sandwich they can't live without today is tomorrow's old news. Their tastes and desires are always changing, leaving me pulling my hair out on most afternoons.

I will say that lunch and dinner have gotten better around these parts due in large part to my new approach to mealtimes. That was half the battle. The other half of the battle was coming up with a rotation of meal ideas that would keep my kids engaged, but eating nutritious meals. Part of my new lunch plan was to create a selection of meals that I draw from each week. In addition to that, I try to work in a new recipe here and there as well. Variety is the spice of life, right?

And here are some tried and true Once A Month Mom Kid-Friendly recipes that you might also find helpful to have in your meal rotation. The great thing about all of these is that each and every one of them is freezable! That means that you can make large batches of them, freeze them and have them on hand when the hunger riot breaks out in your home.



There are also a ton of recipe and menu ideas at Once A Month Mom if you are looking for ways to save time and money in the kitchen. We offer Traditional, Diet, Gluten Free & Dairy Free, Whole Foods, Baby Food and soon Vegetarian menus. In the next few months I will also be coming out with a eCookbook specifically for breakfast and lunches for kids, so head on over to the blog and get signed up to follow along so you don't miss out on that.


  1. I can't wait to try the frozen fruit cups this summer, and also the corn dog muffins! My girls already love a lot of these recipes and I am sure these will be a hit too!

  2. My personal favorites are the frozen fruit cups! They are incredibly addicting (in a good way) so be warned. My kids favorite is the french toast sticks.


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