May 26, 2011

My Eventful Night

Lat night I went out to celebrate a friend's birthday and it turned out to be quite a memorable evening.

There were Severe Thunderstorm Warnings for our entire area, which we were okay with because we were inside.  But just as dinner was being served at the restaurant, (which was AWESOME BTW!), we found out that there was also a Tornado Warning. 

Normally I wouldn't be freaked out, but with all the Tornado activity in the country this past week, I was more than a little concerned.  Especially since I wasn't able to be home with my husband and girls while this was all going on.

Thank The Good Lord for Cell Phones!!! (And I-Pad's, Tablets etc.!)

I was able to talk to my husband and know that they were all fine, and thanks to my good friend, we were able to stay on top of where the storm was headed, and knew when we were suppose to take shelter.

Which we did.

In the Restaurant Bathroom.

Good Times.

Us waiting in the bathroom...

But it all passed over, and we were fine.  The worst of it seemed to be a bunch of hail damage from the baseball size hail, but no one was hurt, so that was a relief!

Baseball size hail that totally screwed up my friend's house and car...

So AFTER our eventful dinner, another friend and I stopped into this store that I have been hearing about, but hadn't had the chance to get to yet...Charming Charlie.

Okay, to quote Rachel Zoe,  "I.  DIE."

This place is beyond anything I could have imagined!  I walked in and thought to myself, "I have reached the Mother Ship!".  Seriously, I think that this might just be God's Grace lavished upon me.

I mean, accessories GALORE!  And it's all organized by color, and Super Affordable!  They have jewelry, shoes, scarves, clothes...everything a girl could ever need!  You just have to see it to believe it, (I CANNOT believe I didn't take a picture while I was there...then again, I was in shock).

Anyhow, I started to look around, and then a beautiful glow from the back of the store caught my eye.  It was as if The Angels were beckoning, and then I saw it.

75% OFF the ALREADY discounted price.

I will give you a moment of silence before I continue....

Okay, ready?

So my friend and I took a deep breath and began to dive in.  This is serious business, so we knew we had to divide and conquer.  There were two girls there already who had started to survey the territory, so we had to be careful to let them know that we were all on the same team here.  Because we all know that when you are in a situation like this, it can go two ways. 

First, the other ladies can get defensive and just start to grab things so that they stake the claim.  But you want to avoid that at all cost!  So the best way is to befriend the opposition, so that they want to share what they find with you.  And that is what we did.

Before you knew it, they were on the lookout for what I wanted and finding it for me.  Best. Possible. Outcome.

And in the end, I ended up getting 12 items for $20!!!!!!!!!!!  I know.  Ba.  Na.  Nas!  (What can I say...I love Rachel Zoe!)

So, from now on, if you want to know what to get me, (ahem...hope my dear husband is reading this!),  it's a Charming Charlie gift card!  Seriously my new favorite place!

And here are the pics of all my new items...can't wait to wear them!


  1. Is that the place at the Greene? I have heard SO much about it! Everytime I comment on somebody's jewelry they tell me it came from that store. I must go there!!

  2. YES! It is SOOO Awesome! Whenever you want to go, you just let me know...we can take a field trip :)


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