May 9, 2011

Memory Monday...No Big Deal

You know those moments when your kids do something they shouldn't and you go crazy?

Like, off the wall crazy?

Like, 'they might be taking me to jail later' crazy?

Yeah, we have had a few of those moments here, (not my proudest).  In the moment, I think what they have done is just horrible.  The crayon will never come off the wall!  The paint will get all over the place!  I paid good money for that dress that you just got permanent marker all over!

But the truth is, it's just crayon, and paint, and big deal.  They were just two curious little girls, being two curious little girls.  And I love that curiosity, even when it makes more work for me.

And besides, were it not for their curious spirits, I wouldn't have these pictures to look at now :)

"Look mom, I found the purple paint!  It doesn't taste so good, though..." 

"Of course we should color on the walls!  And since mommy and daddy are trying to sell the house, this will be the PERFECT decoration! "

  "I think permanent black marker is beautiful body art.  AND dress embellishment!"

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