May 7, 2011


It never fails that when it's time to switch from one seasons clothes to the next, I realize that I have a TON of stuff to get ride of.  Bins are literally overflowing in my garage with dresses, swimsuits, PJ's, jeans, shoes, and jackets/coats that are ALL TOO SMALL for my girls.  I don't know why I hang on to this stuff. 

Maybe it's because I can't seem to let go of all the memories that I have of my girls in those clothes. 

Maybe it's because if I get rid of them, then I have to admit that they are growing older. 

Or maybe it's just because I'm lazy and don't want to spend the 4 days it will take me to go through and organize all of it. 

But no matter what the reason, the truth is, I know it needs to be done.

But all the money we spent on all those clothes!

And all the money we will have to spend to replace them!

How will my wallet ever forgive me?

Those are the questions we all ask, but there is one good your old stuff!
Now I know that mom/consignment sales have been around for a while now, and many of you already sell your stuff at them.  But for those of you who have not gotten in on this yet, then you need to check into it.  It is a great way to empty out the closets and clothes bins, and make a little extra money for the new stuff your kids need.  Plus, at most sales, sellers get to shop before the public so that you get first pick of the things others are selling in the size you need.

These are also a great place to buy gently used toys, books, and movies.  I have been to many of them in the past, (and even sold before!), and I can assure you that you can easily LOAD UP on lots of good stuff!  In short, it's like a GIANT, quality-controled garage sale of just kids stuff!  Perfect for a Garge Sale Diva like me!

So, you think you might be interested in checking one out?  What about selling at one?  Lucky for you, I have the inside scoop on a NEW sale that will be starting this Fall.  My friend, Blake, is organizing a sale for Tots, Teens N' in Between!  She is looking for moms to sell their kid's gently used clothing, toys, books, games, equipment, ect....

This huge, semi-annual mom's sale will be held Saturday, August 13th at Parkview Church of the Nazarene located at 4701 Far Hills Ave. in Kettering.

If you are interested in selling, please contact Blake Garrett by emailing her at

There will also be an informational meeting held Sunday, May 29th at 3pm. (Details will be given when you contact Blake.)

In addition to mom's, they are looking for vendors who have small businesses (generally geared towards women, moms and children) to set up booths in the entry way. For more information on vendors booths, you can also contact Blake.

And if you DO decide to sell, there is a good chance I will see you there, because this momma can NEVER resist a good sale!

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